my shado is seeing in your eyes

In my eyes saugijana G. people often seem to be*any years old Raj G. There seem to be*crop clouds and cooking has parted hair are engaged,*
The farmers if their fields are already visible light G.*yours nightmare there is no rail and I am riding,*me today if everything indicates G. behind seem to be**
A bus of high-handed hairs laugh has changed,*These Soorajsen afternoon between the evening G. only seem to be*joy can not get everyone has a joy,*
Earth and always seem to be*G. get sky wo meet today are coming as rabbit is mind,*guy, then again deity G. guys jump seem to be*
This is our city are also posing Qadr,*atmosphere here in bhunkh poison G.*all seem to be on the faces is get such gloom dominates,*
Every here face a similar G. Singh “सुजान” province seem to be**


About kavisujan

hindi poet- i am write hindi ghazals,kavitatorys etc.
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